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Welcome to this healing arts space.

Sacred healing services are an essential ancient method of aligning the human system with universal energy. Through these arts we can remove energy blocks, heal the physical body, cleanse the mental body and expand the radiant body. Thank you for taking this time for yourself. Enjoy reading about the different offerings below.

Grace is a Master Reiki Practitioner since 2013 through the Dr. Usui lineage of Natural Healing. This method connects her to the high frequency of Reiki energy that she channels to the recipient for their highest and best healing.

After many years working intuitively with crystals and working with gem jewelers, Grace is a Certified Crystal Healer through Sat Devbir’s Chateau Singh Crystal Academy in 2017. Crystals have a perfect geometric cellular structure giving them an unwavering high resonance through time. When their radiance enters interacts with our energy field they may cleanse, align and elevate the person.



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Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki combines the natural art of Reiki energy with the supportive power of crystals. Crystals may be laid on and around the recipient’s body. As the crystals interact with the subtle energy field, Grace uses Reiki method to lay hands onto the recipient to conduct the Reiki energy. This combination of healing is usually described by clients as deeply relaxing, an infusion of light, heart warming and elevating. Crystal Reiki is a warm support to your expanded wellbeing.

60min ~ $88 | 90 min ~ $111

“My Crystal Reiki Session not only lightened my energetic load, it provided spiritual insight and direction with areas of personal struggle. I feel renewed on many levels! I highly recommend Grace. She truly embodies her work and her energy is potent while gentle and caring.” -A. L.

“During the Crystal Reiki Session I found myself in a deeply relaxed and meditative state where ideas and feelings seemed to flow very freely as Grace did her work;I found myself visualizing very vividly as if I were watching a movie of my thoughts. After I felt pleasantly tired and lightened as if I’d moved a large weight within myself. I noticed my heart feeling softer and my thoughts tender and calm. I definitely recommend Grace to anyone looking for energy work. She clearly has the skills to provide real value to the people in her care.” -R. C.

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✧ Akashi Records Readings

The Akasha is the web of energy that everything that ever has existed, currently exists, or will ever exist is already woven into. Grace uses a specific process to connect to this field of energy and receive messages. You may ask any questions of the past, present or future. You may receive healing from your angels, teachers and guides. Be mindful that Grace receives information about where the current flow of energy is headed but you always have free will and the ability to influence the future by choice. Often, the more specific your questions the more specific your answers.

60min ~ $111.

My Akashic Record Reading with Grace was nothing short of amazing. She answered many questions that I’ve been pondering for a long time, with no prior knowledge about them. I felt like I finally got some clarity on complex subjects such as my life purpose, career, and even diet. It truly felt like she was an open channel to the Akashic Records. I highly recommend getting a reading with Grace and would do it again in a heartbeat.” -H. S.

Private Yoga & Meditation

In a private yoga & meditation session you will be guided through a personalized experience of ancient yogic tools and how they relate to your soul journey. Specific cues and details are demonstrated clearly. You may select from Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga and Meditations.

60min ~ $88 | 90 min ~ $111

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